Power Biker Coming to Maker Faire!

I’m proud to announce that Power Biker has been accepted to exhibit at World Maker Faire New York on September 21 & 22, 2013 http://makerfaire.com/ . Come see me there!

For this event I’m going to make Power Biker taller, at least 10′ high with more lights, and more wattage! The top level will be 500W and since that’s really challenging for any one person, I’m going to have two bikes! So bring a friend.

Bringing PowerBiker to Destination Moon

Today I’m bringing Power Biker to destination Moon, a solar powered music and art festival. The festival is on Manhattans upper west side. Power Biker is in my studio in Red Hook Brooklyn. I’m going to bike it under my own power through Brooklyn, over the Manhattan Bridge, across Lowe Manhattan, and up the west side.

Why not just put it in a van?
Because Power Biker is part of a vision where people transit themselves and cargo with their own power. It imagines a world of healthy exercise and clean energy.
It’s true, no one would know if I drove. But now you know that I at least made the attempt to bike it. It’s no going to be easy, but change never is.

Race day thoughts

Here it is the morning of Monstertrack. I’ve never been in an organized bike race before. The cleanest thing was a drag race back in college. It’s been 19 years since I worked the streets of Boston as a messenger. I’ll be riding against kids 19 years old who ride 60 plus miles a day through the New York streets. Why am I doing this? I’m 42 years old I have a wife and 2 daughters. I work as a software developer and make techno art in my spare time. My life is good. But why not? Why not take one afternoon to bomb through the streets of my city with 200 like minded bikers? Why not push my self to ride faster? It’s just one day the year. I can’t be young again but I don’t have to be old yet.

As for the danger, I ride everyday in city traffic. I promise myself that I won’t take any risks that I wouldn’t any other day. After all, I want to finish.


Waiting at a bar for preregistration. Wondering why I’m always the only one on time. 4 bikers here. How long before I give up from boredom? Just need to relax.

The Great Bike Powered Light Show Dance Party! rolls into Maker Faire this weekend!

The Great Bike Powered Light Show Dance Party is coming to Maker Faire this weekend at the New York Hall of Science in Flushing Queens!

More info including directions and tickets can be found here: MakerFaire.com

Come on out! I have a few half price passes to give away to the first people to respond. 

I will be dedicating these performances to my beloved father-in-law William Sievert who recently passed away.