Figment Detroit

Figment Detroit was a huge success for ScreenThings. We had a great time and got great reactions. I’ll be posting photos and video soon!

ScreenThings Coming to Detroit!

It’s just one day before we pack up the things for the long drive to Detroit for the first ever Motor City Figment. I’ve added new eyes, a bamboo stand, battery power, and several programming improvements. I think I may have some time to program in an “anxiety level” that rises when someone approaches.

To see the whole history of this project in 15 second increments, view these touts.

We’ll here on Belle Isle from 10am-6pm Daturday August 6th.

More info about Figment Detroit here.

Setting up this tumblr blog

I’m setting up this tumblr blog today so I can let people know about the world of my artwork. Why tumblr? It’s looks easy, new and trendy of course. I was inspired by Cory Arcangel who I just read about in the New Yorker. At first I thought why him and not me? Why does he get to have show at the Whitney? I mean I know that I’m a better programmer, and my artistic vision is just as strange. So why don’t I have a museum show, or even a gallery show, or even an installation in a group show or festival? Wait a minute! I do have an installation in a festival, my project entitled ScreenThings was just accepted to Figment Detroit which is a one day show on Bell Isle, Saturday August 6. All I have to do is fly myself down there, find some old monitors, car batteries, and an inverter. Oh and now that I’m finished with this post, just like Cory Arcangel, I have a website!