My experience with technology began early, using my father’s tools to fix bicycles in our garage. Later when out of college and new to New York I embraced the desktop computer as a way to make a living while performing in off-off Broadway theater. Eventually I found my self producing animations, websites and interactive kiosks for various corporations and fashion houses. Along the way I developed skills as a graphic artist, animator and programmer. Eventually the work became less than exciting. I pitched my clients projects that used new technology creatively. However, they were things I wanted to do, not necessarily what was good for their businesses and I got few takers.

In 2006 I started working with a rock band and DJ group, Figo, projecting video I mixed live using Quartz Composer and midi instruments while they performed. This was fun for a few years and I got to work with several other artists, performing at Camp Bisco in 2008 and many venues in New York.

I started exhibiting art in 2009 with a work titled, Giant Upside Down Reactive Ice Cream Cone. This work was an extension of my work mixing visuals. Basically it auto-mixed what I was doing for the bands, plus played music in response to movement, all projection mapped to a giant, room-sized cone. I continued making art through the next years, incorporating the kinect and open frameworks with ScreenThings, bike power in The Great Bike Powered Light Show Dance Party, and the arduino, Power Biker.

I currently live in the Lower East Side of Manhattan with my wife and two daughters whom I thank profusely for their unwavering support.

For more info about my career including my resume, please visit my LinkedIn profile

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