Setting up this tumblr blog

I’m setting up this tumblr blog today so I can let people know about the world of my artwork. Why tumblr? It’s looks easy, new and trendy of course. I was inspired by Cory Arcangel who I just read about in the New Yorker. At first I thought why him and not me? Why does he get to have show at the Whitney? I mean I know that I’m a better programmer, and my artistic vision is just as strange. So why don’t I have a museum show, or even a gallery show, or even an installation in a group show or festival? Wait a minute! I do have an installation in a festival, my project entitled ScreenThings was just accepted to Figment Detroit which is a one day show on Bell Isle, Saturday August 6. All I have to do is fly myself down there, find some old monitors, car batteries, and an inverter. Oh and now that I’m finished with this post, just like Cory Arcangel, I have a website!

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