Sickness and healthcare

While I was setting up ScreenThings for Maker Faire something very interesting happened. I finally had it up and running when one of the screens started to turn pale, then blink on and off. Then it would just shrink into a little dot and go black. I pushed its power button and it turned back on but then, a little dot and darkness. At the same time my father-in-law was in the hospital due to, amongst other things, failing eyesight. It was his right eye which was suffering the most. Likewise, my screenThing had lost it’s right eye. I was able to replace the monitor in time for opening, however my father-in-law stayed in the hospital another three weeks. His vision has not returned and there’s no clear diagnosis. I’ve been helping to advocate for him and it’s been exhausting, emotionally draining work. One day soon I’m sure that this experience will work it’s way into my artwork. Like people, machines are subject to failure and death. What would I have had I not been able to replace the broken monitor?

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