What do you call it? VJ, Lighting, Live-Visuals…

I’ve had a lot of people introduce me as someone who does lighting. I find that strange, but I can’t totally disagree. From my perspective, my work is a combination of design, animation, interactive programming, projection mapping,  installation, and live-mixing. However, the end product is usually made from light coming out of a projector. I’ve also been projecting directly onto people lately, so I can see how I’m getting a rep as a lighting guy. Ultimately, I view myself as an artist. The programming, animation, and whatever else are really just tools, like chisles or brushes. Each project necessitates its own set of tools, and part of the art is choice of tools.

I’m not sure if this makes anything any clearer to anybody. Over the next week I’m going to be updating this site with some more examples. That should help.

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