Call for Playlists

Call for Playlists for The Great Bike Powered Light Show Dance Party

Have a “Great Bike Powered Light Show Dance Party” to your 20-40 minute playlist at Figment New York! I’m looking for playlists that people can dance to. Any genre of music or noise that is more or less all ages appropriate and has some sort of rhythm will do.

There are a few different ways to do this:

1. put together your playlist on itunes and burn a cd ( then mail it to: David Aronson, 477 FDR Dr. #M1307 New York, NY or bring it with you to Figment. You can also bring your playlist on your phone or mp3 player and we’ll just plug it in. 

2. down load a trial of WireTap at  then play your playlist from itunes while recording with wire tap. Upload the recorded file to my drop box at:

3. use a DJ program like Traktor, Abelton or my favorite DJay for Mac (available on the mac app store or at: to record your live DJ mix and upload an audio file to:

Remember 20-40 minutes! 

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